Virtual Reality Exploration Game
A journey through the unconscious
Based on a procedural algorithm that interprets your dreams
No Game No Play

“Little object-a” è un First Person Experience immersivo in Realtà Virtuale che parla di un soggetto alla ricerca dei suoi desideri, un viaggio attraverso il proprio inconscio dove i desideri sono generati dai sogni stessi del soggetto.



Who is the Little Object A ?

In the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan , objet petit a (“object little-a”) stands for the unattainable object of desire. It is sometimes called the object cause of desire. Lacan always insisted that the term should remain untranslated, “thus acquiring the status of an algebraic sign” (Écrits). ‘The “a” in question stands for “autre” (other), the concept having been developed out of the Freudian “object” and Lacan’s own exploitation of “otherness.”

Finally I decided to design this virtual reality exploration game called Little Object A, (changing the name differently from the description above) which is based on a procedural algorithm that interprets your dreams that generates an infinity procedurally landscapes giving to Little Object A different behavior which depends on what you describe in the dream you had.

It is a journey through your unconscious inside which you will have to follow the Little Object A and found yourself across an artistic exploration.
Follow your desires, find your Little Object A.


Roberto Fazio


My work is mainly influenced by art, design and technology, my artistic research focuses on experimentation with interactive installations. I design Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality solutions, Videogames as well. I’m Interaction Design teachear at IED Firenze and IUAV University Venice

Franz Rosati


Franz Rosati is an electronic musician, sound & visual artist, active from 2006 with live Audio/Visual concerts, interactive installations, artworks and prints, based on the same concepts and a coherent aesthetic output and custom made software developed by the artist itself.

Nicola Toffali



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